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This EIA Wiki has been developed by the United Nations University and with support from the Global Virtual University, to provide an online platform for the international community to engage in knowledge building on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).


The goal of the EIA Wiki is to be a collaboratively built online information resource used to support training and research activities around the world including the EIA e-Course Module. It is intended that the EIA Wiki to serve as a tool that facilitates communication, discussion, sharing of ideas and information, and the building of knowledge about EIA amongst it's audience.

We want you to contribute!

Many people are already improving the EIA Wiki all of which are recorded on the page history and the recent changes page. You can create new pages, make edits to existing pages or contribute to discussion about the content of any page, just as long it is relevant to EIA. We invite anyone to create a Login for the EIA Wiki as this allows you to personalise your entries and contributions to the wiki.

Logon to the EIA Wiki and help to build the knowledge of EIA...


By clicking on the edit tab at the top of every page, or if there are sections on the page at the right of the section header. You can also make comments on each page in the discussion tab, view the versions or previous discussion of a page in the history tab, and if you have any pages that you are interested in monitoring the edits and discussion of, you can click the watch tab and this will add it to your my watchlist, which you can see in your profile at the top right of the page.

Editing pages is easy, however you can also learn more about how to edit wiki's online at MediaWiki and Wikipedia

New Pages

If you would like to create a brand new page then please visit New EIA page.

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