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The following is an example of an EIA checklist based on rural and urban water supply and sanitation projects.

Indicative list of scoping activities
Aspects of EIA Checklist Questions Yes
Additional Data Needs
Sources of Impacts
1. Require the acquisition or conversion of significant areas of land for reservoir/treatment works etc. (e.g. > 50 ha rural, > 5 ha urban)?

2. Result in significant quantities of eroded material, effluent or solid wastes?

3. Require significant accommodation or service amenities to support the workforce during construction (eg > 100 manual workers)?

Receptors of Impacts
4. Flood or otherwise affect areas which support conservation worthy terrestrial or aquatic ecosystems, flora or fauna (eg protected areas, wilderness areas, forest reserves, critical habitats, endangered species); or that contain sites of historical or cultural importance?

5. Flood or otherwise affect areas which will affect the livelihoods of local people (eg require population resettlement; affect local industry, agriculture, livestock or fish stocks; reduce the availability of natural resource goods and services)?

6. Involve siting sanitation treatment facilities close to human settlements (particularly where locations are susceptible to flooding)?

7. Affect sources of water extraction?

Environmental Impacts
8. Cause a noticeable permanent or seasonal reduction in the volume of ground or surface water supply?

9. Present a significant pollution risk through liquid or solid wastes to humans, sources of water extraction, conservation worthy aquatic ecosystems and species, or commercial fish stocks?

10. Change the local hydrology of surface water-bodies (eg. streams, rivers, lakes) such that conservation-worthy or commercially significant fish stocks are affected?

11. Increase the risk of diseases in areas of high population density (eg. onchocerciasis, filariasis, malaria, hepatitis, gastrointestinal diseases)?

12. Induce secondary development, eg along access roads, or in the form of entrepreneurial services for construction and operational activities?

Mitigation Measures 13. Be likely to require mitigation measures that may result in the project being financially or socially unacceptable?



I recommend that the programme be assigned to Category


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