Procedures for Reviewing EIA Reports

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The following Procedures for Reviewing EIA Reports are based on the work of Lee & Colley (1990) and Boyle & Mubvami (1995).



The following tables in the attached document provide one approach to reviewing the basic adequacy of the standard of an EIA report. The tables are not sufficient on their own to fully review a report. It is recommended that the following steps should also be carried out:

  • a check for compliance with legal or donor requirements;
  • an assessment of the scientific and technical adequacy of the work; and
  • a public review of the work.

This review should be able to be carried out by a person who is familiar with the environmental impact assessment process and the requirements of any local regulations.


The review process is outlined on the flowchart below.

There are four review areas, each with a series of review categories.

For each review category, the reviewer is asked to rate the EIA report for its performance in addressing a list of issues. The reviewer gives each issue a rating between A and F (see table of review criteria for details). The overall rating for a category is then determined by the reviewer on the basis of the results of the individual ratings, weighted according to their relative importance by the reviewer.

Some issues and categories (marked **) are essential to the overall adequacy of the EIA report. If they do not achieve a minimum rating of C the report should be returned to the proponent for improvement, or, if this is not feasible, other remedial action should be taken as appropriate.

The evaluation of the overall report is determined by the reviewer, based on the ratings of the review categories, again weighted according to their relative importance. Added to this evaluation should be:

  • a brief summary of the strengths and weaknesses of the report;
  • any needs for further study;
  • any impact monitoring and management required to be undertaken by the proponent or the government; and
  • any terms and conditions that should apply if approval of the proposal is granted.

Procedure for Review of EIA Report

Table of Review Criteria

The following document provides the tables of review criteria.

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Boyle J and Mubvami T (1995) Training Manual for Environmental Impact Assessment in Zimbabwe. Department of Natural Resources, Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Zimbabwe.

Lee N and Colley R (1992) Reviewing the Quality of Environmental Statements. In Occasional Paper Number 24, EIA Centre, University of Manchester.