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29-30 August 2011
Beijing Climate Change Symposium, China
The Climate Change and Impact Assessment IAIA Special Symposium was held on 29-30 August 2011 in Beijing, China. For more information, visit the symposium website. This was the third of a series of impact assessment and climate change symposia held by IAIA. The conclusions and recommendations from the first two symposia (Aalborg, Denmark, October 2010, and Washington, DC, November 2010) were brought forward to this symposium in Beijing.

13-15 December 2011
Climate Change and Social Issues
An International Conference on Climate Change & Social Issues was held on 13-15 December 2011 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The conference was organized by Toulouse Business School France and Institute of Human Development and Training Sri Lanka, and hosted by Munasinghe Institute for Development. For more information, please visit the event website or contact the Secretariat at

28 May-4 June 2011
31st Annual Conference of the IAIA, Puebla, Mexico
The IAIA annual conference dealt with Impact Assessment and Responsible Development for Infrastructure, Business and Industry. For more details visit the IAIA conference website.

6-11 April 2010
30th Annual Meeting of the International Association for Impact Assessment
The IAIA10 conference entitled The Role of Impact Assessment in Transition to the Green Economy was held at the International Conference Centre Geneva Switzerland in April 2010. In order to prepare our global societies to face a transition toward green economies, it is important to conduct assessments that will demonstrate the types of green investments that best fit local, national, and regional environments. Impact assessments have the power to influence and shape green policy development, which will in turn play a major role in addressing the global crises.

Global economic growth over the past 50 years has been accompanied by accelerated environmental decline. From 1981 to 2005, global GDP has more than doubled. In contrast, 60% of the world’s ecosystems are now considered degraded or are being exploited in an unsustainable manner.

Meanwhile, the global economy is in a multi-dimensional crisis. The financial crisis has been driving much of the developed world into recession, affecting businesses and jobs around the world. The fuel crisis, reflected in wildly fluctuating prices, is threatening the reliability and security of energy supply, and climate change is aggravating these challenges and the achievement of Millennium Development Goals.

1-2 April 2009
SIA Workshop in Australia
The Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining in partnership with ACMER is hosted a 2-day workshop on “Innovations in Social Impact Assessment and Monitoring for the Resources Sector” in Brisbane, Australia, 1-2 April 2009. Sessions were tailored for a practitioner audience, and highlighted innovations in policy and industry frameworks, theory and practice. More information on the workshop (including a list of speakers and registration details) can be found here.

24-26 March 2009
Biodiversity Workshop in China
“Impact Assessment, Biodiversity and the Extractive Industries” was held on 24-26 March 2009 at the Kempinski Hotel in Beijing, China (learn more).

IAIA collaborated with the International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA) on this event. Other organizers included the Chinese National Offshore Oil Company (CNOOC) and the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM).

6-9 November 2008
Meeting on Assessing and Managing Cumulative Environmental Effects in Calagary, Canada
The preliminary program is available and submissions for theme forum proposals and papers and posters are now open for the "Assessing and Managing Cumulative Environmental Effects" meeting to be held 6-9 November 2008.

12-24 October 2008
Making Social Impact Assessment Count for Planners and Resource Managers.
This course organized by the Western Washington Universoity in Arlington VA, USA, seeks to provide participants with the knowledge, understanding and technical skills to commission or do social impact assessment (SIA) at the community and project level for a variety of development and policy proposals for both developed and developing countries.

4-10 May 2008
IAIA 08 The Art and Science of Impact Assessment, Perth, Western Australia
The 2008 Annual Conference of the IAIA will explore the role of impact assessment in promoting societal change towards sustainability, and particularly how the biophysical and the social sciences can be meaningfully allied with the art of policy-making to contribute to the change process.

14 April 2008
Report on the Evaluation of the EU EIA Directive
The EU DG for Enterprise & Industry has published its report of the evaluation of the EIA Directive, which was undertaken in 2007. You can view the report at the EU website.

February 2008
Improving the Practice of Impact Assessment
Freie Universität Berlin released a policy paper on the Improving the Practice of Impact Assessment. The paper includes 27 country studies, a detailed analysis of 22 concrete policy proposals in five countries and a survey amongst government officials and stakeholders in three countries and the EU. Download a copy of the report.

14-15 January 2008
UNEP's EIA Manual used in Capacity Building Programme in West Asia
In January 2008, UNEP's Regional Office in West Asia (ROWA) launched a two-year Capacity Building Programme on EIA and Promotion of Public Participation in West Asia, which aims to enhance the effective use of EIA procedures for developmental projects as well as public participation in the EIA process in the region.

The regional start-up meeting for national focal points, held from 14-15 January 2008 in Manama, Bahrain, included an introduction to UNEP's EIA Training Resource Manual. The Arabic version of the Manual will be used for training on the requirements of EIA and the development of national EIA capacity building programmes. The project also aims to complement the Arabic version of the Manual with a compendium of case studies from the region.

7-9 November 2007
HIA2007 South East Asia and Oceania Health Impact Assessment Conference
Conference bringing together impact assessment practitioners under the conference themes of Health Impact Assessment in Practice, Health, Community Wellbeing and Sustainability, Creating Environments for Health, Liveable Urban Communities and Working with Other Sectors.<br

17 October 2007
Video Documentary on the EIA for the Sydney Harbour Tunnel Online
There are not many video documentaries focusing on Environmental Impact Assessment. However, you now have the chance to view online the documentary produced by Professor Sharon Beder exploring the experience and struggles around the EIA for the Sydney Harbour Tunnel in Australia. The project was completed in 1992 at a cost of $738 million. The documentary provides an excellent overview of the key issues encountered with many EIAs and explores the areas of dispute. These include the need for the tunnel, the economics of the tunnel, alternatives and the impact on the broader transportation system in Sydney. It is really worth watching.

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