Assignment 4 – Essay/Project

Answer EITHER 4A OR 4B.  4A is likely to be particularly relevant for full time /academic students. 4B is an opportunity for part time or students with work experience to conduct research that relates to a work situation – so that they can show the application of their EIA learning to the practice of EIA.  The deadline is 4 weeks or as advised by your tutor.

4A. Write a fully referenced 3000 word essay on one of the following (mark clearly on your script which title you are addressing). 

  1. Discuss the procedure, parameters and problems associated with assessing the magnitude and significance of (a) noise and (b) landscape impacts associated with a proposed project you are familiar with or your tutor has presented; As EIA project manager how would you overcome these problems?  Propose a means of ensuring that no unacceptable noise impacts arise as a result of the project.
  2. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the EIA process as currently implemented in regulations in your country.  Illustrate these by using a proposed project you are familiar with or your tutor has presented as a case study.  Make proposals for changes to the current regulations which would overcome the weaknesses you have identified.
  3. By comparing the EIA procedures in your country with the international experience (ie the general theory presented in this Module) identify any weaknesses (max 4) in your country’s procedures. Then, using the examples of EIA procedures in one or more other countries, briefly state changes to the current EIA procedures in your country which would overcome the weaknesses you have identified.

4B. This is a 2000 word project. Relate your assignment to an ‘every-day’ situation from the following possibilities:

  • An EIA project that your work-place is involved with
  • An EIA project that is planned in your local area
  • Construction or redevelopment of a road, or public transport facility
  • Construction of a new chemical laboratory at a university
  • Expansion of part of the operations of a heavy engineering firm on a new (but nearby) site
  • Development (or redevelopment/expansion) of a regional shopping centre
  • Management of a local government’s waste management facility

Discuss and agree your choice of what you would like to do, and resources, with your instructor. After you have selected your topic, following negotiation with your instructor, you are asked to prepare a 2000 word max. report. This report will provide a critically thought-through plan for an EIA (related to the situation you have chosen). You are not to undertake the whole EIA. Rather, you will prepare a framework that could be given to someone else to complete all the details.  As part of this report you will: briefly describe the situation to which the EIA applies; discuss why the EIA is needed; identify the components that will constitute the EIA; discuss the purpose/role of each component (this may include comments on what would be included); and base your discussion on the literature related to EIA theory or practice.

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  1. Where can I find the LeisureWorld proposal?

    Comment by Jonas — April 20, 2008 @ 3:18 am

  2. Hi Jonas,

    Well spotted. We are looking into it. Hopefully, we will have the situation clarified very soon.


    Brendan Barrett

    Comment by brendan — April 24, 2008 @ 9:15 am

  3. Dear Jonas,

    After reviewing the situation, we decided to encourage students to either select their own proposal or to use one suggested by their tutor, if they are participating in an existing educational programme.

    Hope that this helps.



    Comment by brendan — May 8, 2008 @ 3:57 pm

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